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2019 Q4 Meeting Presentations
12 September 2019

Presentation 1: CommonSensing Project Updates
Powerpoint Presentation: CommonSensing Project Updates(.ppt)
Ms Leba Gaunavinaka
CommonSensing Coordinator - Fiji

Presentation 2: 9th Session of the UNGGIM Committee Experts Update
Powerpoint Presentation: About the UNGGIM, 9th Session and the Outcomes(.ppt)
Ms Meizyanne Hicks
Diector Geospatial Information Management
Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources
Nasova Road, Suva.

Presentation 3: Geospatial Degree Programme Updates - USP
Powerpoint Presentation: Geospatial Degree Programme Updates(.ppt)
Mr. Nick Rollings
Associate Professor
Uniersity of the South Pacific
Laucala Campus, Suva.

Presentation 4: Digital Government Transformation Programme of the Fijian Government
Powerpoint Presentation: Digital Government Transformation(.ppt)
Mr. Wong Kar Hong
Principal Consultant
Digital Fiji

Presentation 5: Village Profiling
Powerpoint Presentation: Village Profiling(.ppt)
Mr. Scott Sheridan
Village Survey Consultant
Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Board

Presentation 6: 2020 National Agricultute Census
Powerpoint Presentation: 2020 National Agricultute Census(.ppt)
Ms Sainiana Kirisitiana
Senior Statistic Officer
Ministry of Agriculture