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2022 May Fiji GIS & RS User Forum Presentations
02 May 2023
Presentations from the 2023 May User Forum includes the Maritime Affairs Project by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, iTLTB Land Use Master Plan by iTLTB, Regional Tidal Monitoring by Pacific Community and Understanding the Air Navigation Regulations for RPAS (Drone) Operations by DroneWorks.

2023 FGIM Council Meeting 1 Presentations
04 April 2023
Presentations from the 2023 Q1 FGIMC meeting that includes updates on the Data Standards, Geospatial Data Sharing Policy, Geographic Information Systems contribution to NFA's Modernization Program, Update from Ministry of Health & Medical Services and A Common National Land Use Monitoring System - Fiji from Ministry of Fisheries & Forestry.

2022 February GIS&RS User Forum Presentations
08 February 2022
The first GIS & RS User Forum for 2022 includes presentations from UNITAR on CommonSensing Updates, Suitability Analysis of Elementary School accessibility using GIS and Drone Survey from Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources.

2021 FGIM Council Meeting 1 Presentations
18 February 2021
Presentations from the 2021 FGIMC meeting 1 that includeds COVID-19 Vaccination Program, Role of GEM in the Pacific Region, Working with the PGSC, GIS use in Disaster Management and Update on the Agricultural Census. There were also presentations highlighting the Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land User Sector Reporting under the Biennial Country Report and CommonSensing Platform Live Demo.

2021 February GIS & RS User Forum
09 February 2021
The first GIS & RS User Forum for 2021 includes presentations from the New Zealand Defense Force, Fiji Roads Authority, Fiji Hydrographic Office, UNITAR and 3S Propect.

2020 FGIM Council Meeting 2 Presentations
25 November 2020
Presentations from the 2020 FGIMC meeting 2 that includeds Updates on the 10th Session of UNGGIM, CommonSensing Project and Village Profiling. There were also presentations highlighting the GIS for COVID-19 Response and GIS in Forestry.

2020 March GIS & RS User Forum
03 March 2020
THE Fiji GIS/RS User monthly forum was held on the 3rd of March at the Forestry Training Centre, Colo-I-Suva hosted by the Ministry of Forestry. There were a total of 22 attendees. Agencies represented include Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Water Authority of Fiji, Fiji Roads Authority, CommonSensing, SPC, 3S Prospects, Lukemine Enterprises, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, PGRSC, Drone Services Fiji and Ministry of Agriculture.

2020 February GIS & RS User Forum
11 February 2020
The Fiji GIS/RS User forum commenced this years monthly user group meeting and was hosted by the Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources on Tuesday the 11th of February, 2020. There were a total of 35 attendees from the different government agencies and representatives from the Private sector.

2020 FGIM Council Meeting 1 Presentations
29 January 2019
Presentations from the 2020 Q1 FGIMC meeting that includeds the National GIM Strategy Action Plan Updates, Housing Authority, Importance of GIS in the Fiji Police Force, Fiji Elections Office Project Updates, LTA and the Fiji GIS & Remote Sensing User Forum 2019 Report Updates.

User Forum Calender of Events
29 January 2020
2020 User Forum Calender of Events to be confirmed during the 2020 Q1 FGIM Council Meeting

2019 Q4 Council Meeting Presentations
12 September 2019
Presentations from the 2019 Q4 FGIMC meeting that includeds CommonSensing, VanuaGIS Updates, Land Register Project, Development Account Project, Datum Project and others.