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2021 Council Meeting 1 Presentations
Thursday 18th February 2021
Pasifika Conference Room | The Pacific Community | Nabua
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

P1: Ministry of Health and Medical Services - COVID-19 Vaccination Program
Presentation File: COVID-19 Vaccination Program(.pdf)
Dr. Rachel Pillay (Ms)
Head of Family Health
Ministry of Health and Medical Services

P2A: Role of GEM in the Pacific Region
Presentation File: Role of GEM in the Pacific Region(.pdf)
Andrick Lal (Mr.)
The Pacific Community
Nabua, Suva

P2B: Working with the PGSC
Presentation File: Working with the PGSC(.pdf)
Rosemond Bing (Ms)
CEO, Ministry of Land & Natural Resources | Tonga
Chairperson: The Pacific Geospatial and Surveying Council

P3: NDMO | GIS use in Disaster Management
Presentation File: NDMO - GIS use in Disaster Management(.pdf)
Tevita Soqo (Mr.)
GIS Officer
National Disaster Management Office

P4: Agricultural Census | UPDATES
Presentation File: Agricultural Census - UPDATES(.pdf)
Virisine Lalasava (Ms)
Stats Officer
Ministry of Agriculture

P5: Agriculture, FOrestry and Other Land User Sector Reporting unde the Biennial Country Report
Presentation File: Biennial Country Report(.pdf)
Jeanette Mani (Ms)
Climate Change Unit

P6: CommonSensing Platform Live DEMO
Presentation File: CommonSensing Platform Live DEMO(.pdf)
Leba Gaunavinaka (Ms)
CommonSensing | UNOSAT