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Transport Networks

Transport Networks are the suite of road, rail, air and water transport routes and their connectivity.

Why is this theme fundamental?
There are many use cases supporting this theme’s importance, including:
  • Infrastructure, construction, asset management etc. – for effective planning and delivery;
  • Mobility management (routing, traffic control, journey planning, car information systems, etc.) - for a more sustainable transport sector;
  • The transport industry itself - critical to the flow of goods and economy of a country; and,
  • Management of environmental pollution as a result of the use of the networks.

Which sustainable development goals (SDGs) will it help to meet?

Transport is strongly relevant for the following SDGs: 2,3,8,9,11 as well as for many others which require people to have access to services.

Geospatial data features in more detail
The Transport Networks theme mainly comprises four transport modes:
  • Road includes roads, urban streets (as a subclass of road), pathways and routes;
  • Rail includes train, tramway, metro, and funicular cog railways;
  • Water includes marine and inland waterways, and ferry crossing features types; and,
  • Air includes navigation facilities, air routes, and aerodromes.
Their main attributes are: location, name, identification codes, category, classification and connectivity.

Possible sources of data
  • National Mapping Agencies;
  • Transport Ministries; and,
  • International Civil Aviation Authority.

Existing Data Standards
Note: This is indicative. Other lists of standards exist and UN-GGIM will seek to work with thematic experts to develop a list of relevant data standards.
  • INSPIRE Data Specification on Transport Networks – Technical Guidelines 3.2;
  • ISO/AWI 8148:2012 Geographic Information –location based services – Linear referencing System;
  • ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices; and,
  • ISO 14825 Intelligent transport systems-Geographic Data Files (GDF)-GDF5.0.