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Cabinet Approval in 2018

National Geospatial Information Management Strategy

This National Geospatial Information Management Strategy (NGIMS) is designed to be the highest level document outlining the vision, purpose, principles and strategic goals for geospatial development in Fiji for the period up to 2020. The strategy presents the current state of the geospatial industry in Fiji, and identifies the key challenges facing the industry. It is these key challenges that this strategy aims to address. The strategy then proceeds to outline five key strategic goals which are targeted at addressing the key challenges and present a way forward for the industry.

National Development Plan 2017 (5 and 20 Years)

Fiji has huge potential that is yet to be fully realised. We are at a point of strength with a rapidly expanding economy, improving infrastructure and institutions, a large number of young people, growing digital connectivity, a stronger standing in the international arena, and continuing inherent geographical and environmental advantages. These positive developments and advantages provide a sound platform for future prosperity. The Plan builds upon these strengths and enablers to expand the development frontier to further transform Fiji.